Mon 2/17/14 Update: Unfortunately, the Tech Student Challenge will NOT be held on Saturday, March 1st at Fond Du Lac High School.  We are looking at holding another challenge in the future so check back for updates! 

Tech Student Challenge: Google Apps is an opportunity for students to display their abilities and take control of their learning utilizing Google Apps for Education and so much more!  

Here’s your opportunity to show your school, your community and the world just what school can be for you! Utilizing the Google Apps for Education (GAFE) Suite, mentors at the Tech Student Challenge will empower you to start (or continue) your path to taking full ownership of your learning. You will enjoy several different trainings in the core aspects that you need to fully harness the power of GAFE, and from there the challenge is on!

Each student will be part of a five member group. Every group will consist of no more than three students from the same school. We believe collaboration is a fundamental tool, but this isn’t about pitting schools against one another. Outside of school you’ll learn to work with others across school and company lines - why not start now?  

Your team will get specific details of The Challenge when you get here, but here’s the kicker: if your team wins, you’ll be recognized by the Google in Education Team from Google!  Your work will be featured  on the Google in Education G+ page and you’ll participate in a Hangout on Air with the Education team.

Student Takeaways:

  1. Demonstrate your abilities and talents using Google Suite and other web tools

  2. Create a presentation for the G+ community and beyond to show the power of Google in Education

  3. Own your learning utilizing these tools

  4. Show how “worksheet-style” assignments no longer compel learning or demonstrate your knowledge of the topic: how exactly is the web changing what you do, or what you should be doing, now? What does 21st Century Education look like to you, or rather, what should it look like? How are you empowered by the apps provided by Google?

What is Tech Student Challenge: Google Apps?
Tech Student Challenge: Google Apps will be a day of learning and creation for students in grades 9-12.  Students will attend sessions to learn more about Google Apps and then use that knowledge to create a showcase of their learning as a team.  All teams will be competing for prizes and recognition; and one lucky team will walk away the GRAND PRIZE WINNER and will be featured online with the Google in Education team! 

Who can attend TSC: Google Apps?
This event is aimed at students in grades 9-12 only.  Students will be asked to create a personal Google/GMail account and to upgrade it to use Google+ so students can use tools like G+ Photos, Hangouts, Communities and Google+.

What Google Apps will students be using?
Students will be using tools from the Google Apps suite including Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google+, Google Photos, and YouTube.